Tuesday, January 30, 2007

War on the roaches

we were all feeling extremely murderous yesterday. i had been clearing the cupboard and accidentally uncovered the nest of the cockroaches amongst the wine bottles in their boxes. it was of a different breed, with very long legs in comparision to its small short round fat bodies and very tiny wings. it would not be a cockroache if it's not for the distinctive feelers and head like that of the american breed except it was certainly significantly smaller in size and extremely light-coloured in brown.

how i discovered was a case of innocence. in fact i had not thought of clearing the cupboard. In the first place i was just clearing the dried plates on the table and returning them to the lower drawer below the cupboard. when it came to the forks and spoons and chopsticks i had to put them in the cupboard. As i was doing that, i realised the cupboard was very messy and dirty in a certain sense, quite a number of unwanted stuff was not cleared. As i started clearing, I thought if i were to clear the upper cupboard why not clear the entire cupboard if it had to be cleaned. Just as i was lifting the wine bottle out reading the contents on its label, out jumped a cockroach and there went the rest of the cockroaches. At that time, my father and brother were working at their desks and i announced loudly there were a lot of cockroaches on the bottle including the eggs. My brother screamed (sort of 'cos his voice become rather highpitched) at me to get the bottles out 'cos the cockroaches would escape to his place as i was dumping them onto the carpet.

instantly, my brother, armed with the insecticide, started spraying at the bottles and the boxes once they were outside the office door. my father did the job of clearing the carcasses naturally because those wine bottles were his favourites.

This meeting with a large number of cockroaches was a hair-rising event 'cos it was disgusting and the very fact that they could crawled about anywhere and most pobably getting intimate with you crawling about on your skin under your clothes.

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