Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More on Snowcake

do admit the movie is taking a lighter and brighter look at autism. i think it's ok. 'cos people with this sort of illness can be quite depressed 'cos they are anti-social and rejected by others because of their wierd ways, behaviour and habits. i had seen reports of people with high functioning autism taking sucides and are dead. to day i have seen 2 to 3 reports of such. these people are really talents. it's a pity. the movie shows us how we should treat people as such. individually. putting aside our prejudices and differences and accept the person as he / she is. It's easier said than done, of course. But by learing more of this psychological illness, we will be able to treat them with more care and consideration and loving kindness. In turn, we will be able to make the place we live in a better place.

the lady with autism in the movie is lucky to have understanding parents and an understanding daughter too. the lady is able to take a more optimistic view towards her life despite difficulties that come along with her 'disability'.

i believe all individuals have the ability to survive in this world or else we won't be born in this world. But to survive, we are still interdependent of each other. Where do our clothes come from? What made the clothes? How are the fabrics being made? How is the yarn being spun? Without the people, there will no such thing as the civilisation. :) Without this world, there won't be humans and other living things.

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