Monday, November 05, 2007

Madness & Literary Creativity

It's funny how suicidal poets/authors e.g. Sylvia Plath, Virgina Woolf writes good poems / novels. I have an analogy. Their very illness - depression that cause them to be suicial is the very force behind their literary creativity , perhaps. The situations they experience and confront have constantly position them in the midst of controveries - The "Eye" - The point where all the problems meet together. The emotional stress they have felt in handling what they have to face and most importantly their personalities have great implications on their perspective of life and the society they are living in. Their literary creativity is their only outlet - a relieve for all the emotional stress they have felt. The emotional stress as a kind of a force that is repressed by the society (all the rules and roles they have to fulfill represses their turmultous feelings) and hence displaced by their literary creativity.

Alone in love (2006) - a K drama

It's a recent watch. (I just love to watch dramas & films - there's no cure for it)
The drama's about a divorced couple who still on good terms and love each other. The entire drama explores why and how this couple get themselves divorced but still get along together in rather resentful manner. And how the couple's relationship has its implications on their friends around them.

It has got a very detached feeling to this watching of the drama. The main characters are "detached" from one another yet there's an attachment between them symbolized by a ball of entangled string pulling at both ends.

pic from

It's very moving and touching (I don't mean the ball of string) esp nearing the end of the drama where the main female lead is singing a wedding song for her ex-husband and his bride.

pic from character is the most lovable of all in my opinion. A comic figure that's detached from the rest and in frequent odds with her sister and her ex-brother-in-law, much to the amusement of the audience (me).