Thursday, December 21, 2006


Just got a new mobile phone. Extremely ecstatic over it. Have been doing all sort of things with it. Exploring throught its functions a lot in a million ways. To people who has changed their mobile phones possibily a million times, i may sound like a bumpkin. The phone is neither the acclaimed/popular sony ericsson nor a nokia. It is the motorola rokr e2. Quite satisfied over it. The flaw I can find up till now is the lag in UI. Futher criticisms have to wait because I only own this phone for 2 days.And suddenly, I am thinking whether this phone is able to read files of txt format or read pdf format. This put me to think whether it is a smartphone or not since I have found out that a certain software can access such formats when installed. Have to check it out.

According to Wikipedia:-

"Fundamentally, these seem to be the common traits: Smartphones are voice-centric devices (voice is the primary function, data is secondary) that offer PDA-like capabilities, whereas PDAs or Personal Communicators (such as most BlackBerries) may offer voice capabilities, but they are data-centric. Smartphones are generally capable of one-handed operation, while PDAs generally require use of both hands. But it can be argued that this definition based on the device's "focus" may fail, as devices integrate more features [1]].

Smartphone features tend to include Internet access, e-mail access, scheduling software, built-in camera, contact management, GPS navigation software and occasionally the ability to read business documents in a variety of formats such as PDF and Microsoft Office. In the CTIA conference held in Atlanta, Georgia in March 2004, incorporation of television into the smartphone was among the topics discussed."

Well, my phone does have some of the smartphone features such as internet access, e-mail access etc as stated above and running in Linux OS. So therefore, my phone is some form of a smartphone but more towards being a music phone.

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