Monday, December 25, 2006


I had just watched the korean drama - the "Age of Innocence" because of its stunning trailer. It was indeed stunning at the first 10 episodes of the drama but getting draggy and uncertain as the plot thickened. It was indeed thicker and because it was too thick it couldn't be developed further. The leading lady became a ball between the 2 leading guys who were the best of friends. The lady herself was very confused and undecided when i was watching the 13 or 14th episodes. And most hilarious of all, there was this Miss Busybody, feeling self-righteous over her dead brother's friend cum saviour, sticking her finger in the pie. And i felt slightly satisfied when she was ticked off by the 2nd leading guy whom she went to and let the cat out of the bag. The cat's name was ironically called Puppy Romance. I got bored with their stupidness and sluggy development . So I jumped to the last episode. And there the leading lady got married to the second leading guy after her avowal of love to him instead of to her first love, the main leading guy.

moral of the story-> it's not good having 2guys and a girl being best friends. The relationship will bound to be a doom.

Personal comments on the appearance of the characters in the drama:

Sometimes i think straight hair suited the leading lady very well, it suits her face, her double eyelids. If her hair is extremely permed and curly, it does not become ber. If it's slightly wavy sort of billowing at the end of her hair, she looks perfectly well and fairy like. and she looks extremely skinny. Now that's an oxymoron. It's very hard to imagine how 2 hunks could fall in love with a skeleton. and this skeleton kept wrecking herself with tears and soon her bones will break from their crushing embraces.

Overall, the entire drama is about the complex psychological barriers faced by the main characters (1st leading lady and guy) who had tramuatic experiences during their childhood when their mothers abandoned them and the family. Both were attracted to one another and found solace and comfort in each other but were separated by their closest friend's death which was a suicide. The leading guy bore with the guilt and pain from the loss of his closest friend into his adulthood when he met his next closest friend. He was the source of the "disease" and was contagious too, infecting others who were close to him. No wonder they all looked as if they had constipation. In my opinion, it's very unhealthy. Therefore the leading lady made the correct choice of marrying the 2nd leading guy, ending the vicious cycle.

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