Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Lake House

Watched “The lake house” last night. It’s a love story with a mixture of thriller perhaps detective elements in it. And a good one too. It’s a love story with a fantastical, mind-twisting plot. Quite out of the imaginary. And I think the plot is pretty haunting. It makes you wonder how the two characters correspond together at the same time yet not at the same time being two years apart in time. Things, events, were happening around them, were moving on concurrently yet their correspondence stood still. The story being presented on screen linearly but one still has no idea of where the story ends even though the entire movie has already ended with the couple at the lake house. After watching the movie, I fell to connecting its end with its beginning. Still confused over how it actually happened – how had she saved him from death arms? The plot is like the circle with no ends. This is the fantastical part. The plot is like the circle but it is presented on screen in a linear way. It falls on the viewer’s part to connect the plot together and this becomes interactive in a sense. Even the song “This never happened before” played when both characters met midway in the plot, cosing together – I call that cosing although they were dancing, is very good and simple and strong and exactly fits in the story and it’s as haunting as the plot. I still have it singing in my mind the next morning. It’s a very moving song.

On the whole, it’s love and I don’t feel I’m up to it to call it a romance. It’s love rather than romance. Its due to this scene, a v. impt or if I’m not wrong a pivotal scene of them cosing together. The way they cosed together showed the strong attraction they had for each other. The word “romance” has a soft, elusive, provocative and a feather light element in it. However, this (the story or the relationship between the 2 characters) is strong, steady and radiating with a resonance and this element can probably be called love.

And one more thing that comes to mind: the song “This never happened before” feels like one of the Beatles songs. One of those timeless classics one hears over and over again.

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sunsetgirl said...

recently, i've read a book. it says that romance is actually feudalism - warring landlords. and it has no whatsoever link with modern times.

i think romance is just too elevated to apply in real life. Romance is building castles in the air.