Monday, May 05, 2008

Romanticism evolves from Platonicism

Platonicism is a philosophical thinking by Plato.

Just by taking the idea of Plato's that "the mind is a mirror reflecting ability". It's very reductionist of Wordsworth and Coleridge to say that writing poems, an activity as such, unite "creative power and special visionary insight" "resembles that of God". It is a very individualist view and fully self-appreciating. They are simply alluding that they are God themselves. With the use of language to elevate the creative power to that of the God is simply to say that the power of imagination is almighty. It's to use the language expansively to portray an exuberance of feeling.

From the eyes of the reader, basically 2 responses to Wordsworth and Coleridge. 1) they are egoistic, self-centred people 2) they are really great poets alright after analysis from the various aspect of their literature through diction and other literary devises. There's no denying. They manage to elevate your sense of appreciation of the beauty in nature that is very fluid (a sense of flow like the stream of consciousness). I'm a person who dislikes poems is now able to appreciate all that hard work used in honing for the effect, the beauty that these poets intend to show it to us. They are trying to say: " See! When you see it in this way, that's the beauty that is presented to you."

with reference to Byron and the romantic canons

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